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Value Growth Audit (VGA) is a Management Consulting Services in Ahmedabad, India who generates a report of all business threats and risks. It is based on a value growth matrix that comprises many models and matrices to cover all business aspects and management functions, to provide coherent and quantifiable strategies. It also assesses the management in a non-financial way, like testing the management performance, flow of services, and more. It shouldn’t be considered as a traditional or advanced accounting audit. VGA is a digital platform, and it also includes expert and experienced management consultants. The detailed report covers all the business problems, explains them, and suggests automated and management

VGA ensures that MSMEs also have good and effective assistance in the race of survival, growth, and expansion.

Management Consulting Services in India
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Role of a Value Growth Auditor
A value growth auditor needs to oversee lots of information and aspects of a business. An auditor understands each business in it’s own way, he needs to be ready to face and solve different business problems for each company. Our auditors are great in defining the complex problems, providing well researched solutions, implementing the action plan as per the practical scenario, and also evaluating and testing the results with the objectives. Our value growth auditors are expert and experienced professionals, who are habituated with long working hours, increased workload, and dealing with uncertainty.

Survival, growth, and expansion are part of the business cycle, and we promise you the best route for them. Protection Status